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Passion Orange Guava Cake Cartridge she hits different is a sativa strain born from the Tangie and Guava Dawg genetic blend, offers a tropical burst of flavors and fragrances. With its citrus and fruity scents, this strain invigorates the senses and exudes a lively tropical essence.

Boasting a THC content of 19%, Passion Orange Guava caters to the preferences of seasoned cannabis enthusiasts, providing an ideal option for those experienced with higher potency strains. Nevertheless, its genetic lineage of Tangie and Guava Dawg ensures a distinct and invigorating experience, with its refreshing and energetic tropical notes that appeal to the seasoned cannabis consumer seeking a flavorful, high-potency choice.

Cake Vape Carts Passion Orange Guava Effects Review

However, passion Orange Guava induces creative, euphoric, and happy sensations, offering a mood-boosting experience. Its effects cater to medical marijuana patients seeking relief from symptoms linked to conditions like depression, fatigue, and stress. This strain’s capacity to evoke a sense of creativity, coupled with its euphoric and happiness-inducing properties, make it a favorable choice for those seeking relief from mental health-related issues.

Still, Passion Orange Guava’s therapeutic potential provides solace to individuals battling symptoms of depression, chronic fatigue, and stress, offering a bright and uplifted experience to aid in managing these conditions. Don’t limit yourself, try these as well, Paradise OG Cake Cartridge.


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