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Pomegranate Pear Cake Cartridge she hits different is a sativa-dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica), emerges from a genetic crossing between Durban Poison and Dutch Passion strains. Living up to its name, this strain bursts with a fruity delight, presenting a taste reminiscent of its namesake. It delivers a juicy, flavorful experience enriched with the essence of pomegranate, accentuated by subtle undertones of zesty lemony citrus and hints of fresh banana notes. Take a detour and check out these alternatives, Peach Mango Cake Cartridge.

The strain’s aroma further complements its fruity nature, exuding an enticing fragrance that carries pomegranate’s sweetness with hints of citrus zest and a subtle tropical essence. Still, Pomegranate Pear aromatic and flavorful profile makes it a sought-after choice among cannabis enthusiasts, offering a sensory experience akin to indulging in the delectable fruit itself.

Cake Vape Carts Pomegranate Pear Effects Review

The effects of Pomegranate Pear Cake Cartridge are felt almost immediately after your first delightful exhale, striking the mind with an invigorating rush. This surge induces a sense of elevation, motivation, and creativity concurrently. Subsequently, a wave of sociability emerges, facilitating engaging conversations and task-oriented activities, whether tackling chores indoors or enjoying outdoor activities.

However, with an average THC content of 22-23%, Pomegranate Pear effects align it as an optimal choice for addressing conditions like chronic fatigue, depression, stress, mood fluctuations, and alleviating headaches or migraines. Its versatile effects cater to a wide spectrum of therapeutic needs, making it a favorable selection among users seeking relief for various concerns.


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