Durban Lime – Eighth Brother Weed (14 grams)


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Durban Lime Eighth Brother Weed (14 Grams)

Durban Lime Eighth Brother, stands tall just like its parent. It is also quite branchy which makes it sturdy enough to carry the weight of its heavy buds. In spite the fear that its moniker instills, it is actually quite beneficial when used as a medicinal strain.

The immense presence of its psychoactive compounds gives it significant therapeutic effects that help appease different afflictions. Apart from the dry spell, there may be a chance of anxiety and paranoia depending on the dosage.

As such, users should consume the strain in moderation. Compared to its aroma, this strain is sourer. Its lemon overtones are sharper, causing a bit of a cough for some users.

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It enhances the mood, instills an upbeat disposition, and sharpens the senses with its THC average of 18%. Despite its intensity, it rarely causes concern. At this level, too, it could mediate a user’s transition from beginner to experienced. Also, S Eighth Brother 14grams .

This helps distribute light throughout the lower nodes as well as improve air circulation. It also keeps the plant to a manageable height and shortens the vegetative phase. Interestingly, if one lowers the temperature, it produces a purple hue which contrasts perfectly from its lime green hue. Making the strain even more attractive is its thick coat of trichomes which look white from afar.

Eighth Brothers Durban Lime strain Effects

After about an hour or two, the initial rush of energy slows down into a tingling buzz that swarms the body. It plants itself in the limbs but does not weigh users down. However, it does induce a deep relaxation that takes away tension from the muscles, allowing one to move like a well-oiled machine.

EFFECTS Euphoric – 10
Happy – 10
Giggly – 9
Talkative – 9
Uplifted – 9
FRAGRANCE Sweet, spicy, pepper, herbal, lemon
FLAVORS Sour, lemon, sweet, herbal, spicy, pepper
Dry eyes – 3
Dry mouth – 3
Paranoid – 3
MEDICAL Headaches – 10
Stress – 10
Depression – 6
Cramps – 3
Fatigue – 3


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