Purple Punchsicle | Jungle Boys Weed Pack


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80% Indica /20% sativa
THC: 25.42%
CBD: 0.01%
Total Cannabinoids: 25.75%

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Jungle Boys Purple Punch sicle Strain Review

Purple Punchsicle jungle boys strain is renowned for its potency, with a suggested THC content ranging from 20-22.6%, higher than many other strains. Despite not having a very high THC content, the Purple Punchsicle strain delivers a powerful kick, with its effects felt within 2-3 minutes of consumption. In addition, the strain boasts a longer-lasting calming effect than other strains, with consumers reporting benefits lasting up to 8-9 hours.

A hybrid strain with dominant Indica genetics, the Purple Punchsicle strain was created by crossing two veteran strains, Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, resulting in a delicious and hard-hitting strain. Depending on the breeder, the Purple Punchsicle strain can have 70-80% Indica and 20-30% Sativa genetics. For those seeking relaxation and a good mood, the Purple Punchsicle strain is an excellent choice to end the day.

Purple Punchsicle Jungle Boys weed Effects

With a potent combination of head and body effects, Purple Punchsicle is ideal for medical patients struggling with stress and insomnia. After consumption, the mind is quickly uplifted and any tension is eased, making it a perfect choice for evening or before bed use. The indica offers a relaxing couchlock effect that can be quite powerful.
The grape flavor and aroma of Purple Punchsicle is reminiscent of grape Jolly Ranchers mixed with weed, providing a smooth and thick smoke. Thanks to its impressive lineage, the high hits quickly and intensely, with euphoria setting in before the mind and body enter a more contemplative and relaxed state. People who bought this also enjoyed Purple Breath Jungle Boys and Fanta OG Dabwoods Disposable
With a fluffy, neon tone and accompanied by reddish pistils and amber trichomes, Nugs are an impressive sight. The grape Kool-Aid flavor dominates the initial taste of this strain, followed by delightful notes of blueberries, vanilla, and herbs.
The high from Purple Punchsicle begins with a powerful cerebral stimulation that hits just behind the eyes. You will feel a significant uplift in your spirits, as if you were a balloon floating towards the sky. As you ascend higher, the bodily effects will balance things out with a heavy state of sedation. Depending on your tolerance, you may feel inclined to curl up and sleep or to watch your favorite movie and space out.
Purple Punchsicle has earned a reputation for lifting one’s spirits, making it an ideal choice for medical users seeking relief from depression and stress. It is also commonly used to treat bodily pain, such as headaches, cramps, and muscle spasms. Insomniacs may also find this strain helpful..


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