Sunset Sherbert | Jungle Boys Weed Pack


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80% Indica /20% sativa
THC: 23.6%
CBD: 0.06%
Total Cannabinoids: 28.25%

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Jungle Boys Sunset Sherbert Strain Review

Sunset Sherbert jungle boys strain is an Indica-dominant breed with a THC potency ranging between 16% and 20%, which could yield psychedelic effects. Typically, its CBD levels do not exceed 1%. Famed for its origins in the Bay Area of California, this strain is the brainchild of a cultivator commonly known as Mr. Sherbinsky, though some sources dispute the true grower’s identity.

Despite its longevity of over a decade, the weed’s popularity has yet to wane, with many seeking its GSC foundation and Pink Panties’ revitalizing qualities. Additionally, Sunset Sherbet remains a fan-favorite among those who appreciate the allure of a delectable high.

Sunset Sherbert Jungle Boys weed Effects

The effects of Sunset Sherbet strain on an individual may vary due to various factors, such as their mental state, physical build, perception type, and the quality and quantity of weed consumed. Nonetheless, there are common experiences reported by users, which include euphoria, energy, happiness, relaxation, pain relief, creativity drive, and an uplifted state. Conversely, there are also potential negative effects such as dry mouth and eyes, anxiety, slower body coordination and dizziness, and paranoia.
The strain has an OG Kush ancestor, hence inheriting the characteristic hashish odor typical of cannabinoid plants. It is crossbred with CSG, giving it a fruity freshness with dominant notes of fresh orange and sweet orange, as well as strong gourmand candy and sherbet notes.
When it comes to taste, a Sunset Sherbet hybrid provides an enjoyable joint experience without the undesirable dry-red-wine-like aftertaste. Instead, the strain offers a citrusy cotton candy flavor. However, one should be cautious as the Sunset Sherbet strain is potent enough to make someone cough uncontrollably if they are not accustomed to it. Therefore, it is recommended to inhale it in small doses after smelling the plant for a while.
For those who enjoy the Sunset Sherbert weed, they might also appreciate the Apple Fritters strain. Although the latter has a higher THC level, some users report similar effects and aftertaste in both strains. Inline with this strain is Sundae Driver  Jungle Boys and Papaya Burst Dabwoods Disposable


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