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TYSON weed Face Off Cannabis 3.5G

Face Off Tyson weed,  ring will leave you absolutely KOed. For professional fighters only, Face Off’s dizzying euphoria goes straight to the head in an intensely psychoactive experience followed by crushing full-body effects. Say goodbye to physical discomfort and hello to a lazy weekend.

Face Off OG is profusely likened to the 1997 hit movie ‘Face/Off’ starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage and for good reason. Like the film’s brilliant battle of wits and strategies, the strain stimulates the mind and allows its users to focus


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Also,  Sugar King Tyson Weed 3.5G.But what happens once the heavy-hitting Indica effects take over? Suffice to say, the numbing sensation makes the face feel like its melting right off.

Equally interesting is Face Off OG’s backstory. The 90’s classic is said to be one of the few original cuts from the first batch of

Moreso, One of which is Archive Seeds who later decided to create cuts from a mature female.

Face Off Mike Tyson weed Effects  

Testing up to 20% THC, the bud is no doubt powerful. Its skull-crushing buzz can easily overwhelm even the most seasoned of users. In moderation, however, Face Off OG is great for mid to late afternoons or early evenings that require just a little bit of work done before capping the day off

EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Euphoric – 8
Focused – 7
Sleepy – 6
Happy – 6
Dizzy – 10
Dry eyes – 2
FRAGRANCE Sweet, spicy, pungent, earthy, pine
FLAVORS Citrus, woody, pine, sweet, spicy


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