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TYSON weed Sugar King Cannabis 3.5G

Sugar King Tyson weed,A true performer in the ring, this indica-dominant cross between Mac Daddy x Jelly Breath has beautiful purple flowers with buds that are covered in thousands of large glandular trichomes. She’ll hit you with the right hook of a heavy head high, making it an excellent choice for pain and sleep

Lemonnade is the mastermind behind this dynamic combination, and they’ve undoubtedly made their sister brand, Cookies Co., proud with this delicious contribution.

This strain is an excellent choice if constant body aches and pains make it difficult for you to get through the day.

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Also,  The Toad Tyson Weed 3.5G.It’s just as easy to find a Cake Mix strain review stating it has a sweet vanilla scent like its parent Wedding Cake as it is to find one that says it has a citrus and lemon aroma.

The Lemonnade website describes its flavor as “silky, creamy frosting,” so you know you’ll be getting those delicious earthy notes, like florals, nuttiness, and vanilla.

Some also describe rich, tangy lemon, especially on the aftertaste. Other flavors that may come through are honey, sweet berries, and pine.

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Sugar King Mike Tyson weed Effects 

On the flip side, you’re more likely to overindulge, putting you at risk of experiencing anxiety, paranoia, and concern.

The less common side effects users experienced included dizziness, heightened sensory perception, and rapid heartbeat.

Plant type Sativa dominant
THC 20%-27%
CBD 1.23%- 1.54%
Effects Euphoric
Fragrance Silk


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