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TYSON weed The Toad Cannabis 3.5G

The Toad Tyson weed,The strain that started it all, The Toad is derived from two legendary strains; Chemdawg OG and Girl Scout Cookies. These two perfectly compliment each other creating a truly superior cultivar

Named for its psychedelic effects, The Toad’s immediate onset of cerebral euphoria tapers into full-body relaxation and relief.

The powerful sedation is coupled with an equally intense flavor profile bursting with notes of orange, cinnamon, and hops layered with a sharp petrol aroma making it a uniquely trippy experience.

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Also, King’s Toad Tyson Weed an indica dominant hybrid bred by THClones. Also called “Truffle Budder,” it’s a cross between Chocolate Kush and Gelato 45.

This spectacular strain sports a highly satisfying taste along with strong indica effects.

Chocolate Kush and Gelato are both known for their delightful flavors, making them excellent for making concentrates and edibles.

We know this beauty is bursting with flavor, but what about appearance? What color is Truffle Butter weed strain?

The Toad Mike Tyson weed Effects 

These round nugs display deep shades of forest green, vivid orange pistils, and an abundance of amber trichomes.

True to its indica roots, the Truffle Budder strain develops dense nugs.

This strain has a strong terpene profile that includes scarce compounds such as Ocimene and Terpinolene and more commonly known ones like Myrcene and Caryophyllene.

Plant type 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
THC 21%
CBD 0.32% – 0.68%
Effects Couch-lock
Fragrance Sweet caramel
Flavors Caramel


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