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TYSON weed Dynamite Cookies Cannabis 3.5G

Dynamite Cookies Tyson weed, Whether you’re looking to become the next heavyweight champion or just conquer your morning routine, this strain is perfect to help you stay productive and ready to take on the world, just like Mike. Our Dynamite Cookies has a classic dank smell that explodes with hints of sweet licorice, and you can expect a focused high that hits you right away.

Furthermore, There aren’t many marijuana flowers that can match the THC levels in the Brownie Scout marijuana strain.This indica-dominant hybrid (70% indica, 30% sativa) is known for packing a dynamite hit. It’s no wonder, then, that this strain is a top choice for many marijuana connoisseurs.

More so, Its exact origin is a little murky; many believe GTI created the THC-heavy strain by crossing Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) with the Great Divide.The latter is an in-house GTI hybrid — a cross of Phishhead Kush and Kosher Kush.

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Also,  Tiger Mintz Tyson Weed 3.5G.Along with your mind, you will feel your body also melt away into the land of utter relaxation.For some, the high can get so intense that even the thought of standing up from your laid-back position can feel tiring!Sometimes, physical or psychological pain can get too hard to manage.This hybrid flower’s sheer potency proves beneficial for precisely these situations.

Similarly, this hybrid’s head high leaves no space for any troubling thoughts to develop.With a new-found sense of calm and utter peace, individuals who find it difficult to get sleep can enjoy some serious slumber mileage with this THC-heavy (but low CBD) strain.

Dynamite Cookies Mike Tyson weed Effects 

However, these happen to be standard with most — if not all — marijuana strains. The trick is to keep yourself hydrated. Keep a big bottle of water handy, take a few sips in between puffs, and you should be fine. Other side effects could include cottonmouth and dryness around the eyes and nose.

However, this strain has a lot in common with GSC (Girl Scout Cookies), meaning the same grow techniques would work well here too. It is moderately difficult to grow.

EFFECTS Relaxing
Improves sleep
Hunger pangs
Intense sleepiness
Dry eyes and nose
FRAGRANCE Earthy, pepper, pine, floral, herbal, fruity


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