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Zuckaz Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Zuckaz Teds Budz, has a pedigree when it comes to its lineage. The breeder of this strain is Bonguru Beans. To create the rock band for the ages, they used a strain from SomaA+ called Rockbud and crossed it with Paradise Seeds’ Sensi Star.  It takes away those awful pains you feel from your body and helps you relax, feel uplifted, and if you have trouble sleeping or eating, this cannabis strain is your salvation.

This strain isn’t RockStar OG. BC RockStar has RockStar as a parent. People use cannabis for two reasons. is for recreational purpose, another is for medical purpose. Either way, the intention is simple and that is to feel good, both mentally and physically.

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Like how it smells, it tastes similar but more with a skunky taste with mild hints of citrus. Regardless of how you feel about its aroma, you might be surprised that moment you taste this strain. Chances are that you will find this exotic blend tasteful and a delight. Also, Cronuts Teds Buds and Verry Cherry Teds Budz.

However, it has an intense pungent kush-like smell with an undertone that is sweet and spicy, which becomes a little earthy as the buds dry out.While there are cannabis users who love its odor, there are also a few others who might be turned off. So, what else is new, either you love or hate a rock band, right?

Teds Budz Zuckaz kush strain Effects

It’s important to have some food within reach, as you’re bound to feel hunger pangs soon enough. Before long, you may find yourself ensconced on the couch, content with your surroundings and generally satisfied with everything around you.
Taking the time to prepare some snacks or a light meal can help you avoid feeling famished and maintain your energy levels. You might even feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that you’re taking care of your physical needs.


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