Space Monkey Zookies


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Weight :4 Grams

THC Level : 19.39%

CBD: 0.03%

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Space Monkey Zookies weed

Zookies Space Monkey, are a must-have strain for connoisseurs of Cookie cannabis. A surge of blissful elation washes over the user, leaving them floating in the clouds. The relaxed state remains long after, as the body slowly melts into a soft and comfy embrace.

Alien Labs has taken strains of marijuana known for their potent THC levels and combined them to create Zookies, a balanced 50/50 hybrid. THC content in Zookies can range from 23-30%, making it ideal for recreational and therapeutic use.

The bliss interferes with the ability to notice chronic pain. It’s a great option for anyone who needs a serious infusion of relief.

Buy Space Monkey Zookies Kush Buds.

Those that like biscotti will love Zookies’ flavor. The nutty cookie flavor comes out in force, while chocolate and coffee still follow through. It is less intense than the scent, so users who want something milder in taste will enjoy the experience and Space Monkey Pie Hoe.

Upon first sniff, Zookies is reminiscent of Animal Crackers, featuring a nutty cookie-like scent. It also contains some pungent peppery notes, a faint whiff of chocolate, and an earthy diesel aroma, courtesy of its Gorilla Glue lineage.

Space Monkey Zookies cannabis strain Effects

Shortly after the mental buzz, users will experience a comforting physical high which eliminates all traces of stress. A slight feeling of sluggishness, referred to as couchlock, may occur but will not be disruptive as the pleasant sensation encourages the user to stay in place for extended periods of time.

EFFECTS Relaxing, peace, calm, quiet
ADVERSE REACTIONS Cottonmouth, dry eyes, anxious, paranoid
FRAGRANCE Nutty cookie, peppery notes, hint of chocolate
FLAVORS Chocolate, coffee, nutty cookie
MEDICAL Depression, PTSD, OCD, stress, anxiety, panic, headaches


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