Space Monkey Sherbtane


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Weight :4 Grams

THC Level : 23.65%

CBD: 0.04%

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Space Monkey  Sherbtane weed

Sherbtane Space Monkey, is relatively new, and there is still a lot we don’t know. Confirmed Sherbtane strain info is quite limited, especially information about its origins. Though we’ve been able to determine its genealogy, confirming where it came from or who developed it first has been a little harder to pin down.

British breeders Flavour Chasers have become the go-to for this strain, though there’s no evidence they are the original breeders. Bred from parent strains Sherbet (aka Sunset Sherbet) and Gelato, its ancestry includes the likes of Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies, and OG Kush.

With a genetic makeup of this vigor, it’s not surprising that the Sherblato strain THC content is quite impressive itself, usually measuring around the mid-20s.

Buy Space Monkey Sherbtane Kush Buds.

A combination of sweet and sour tropical fruits, like berry and citrus, blended with creamy notes of vanilla and nuts brings a delicious earthiness to the strain. Hints of diesel and musky skunk come through, as well as the familiar taste of GSC. Somehow Sherblato captures all the best flavors of its fantastic heritage.

You’ll detect hints of diesel and nut, but it’s the sweet and sour fruity notes that come through strongest. On the exhale, the combination of scents becomes more pungent, delivering a distinct yet enjoyable aroma.

Space Monkey Sherbtane cannabis strain Effects

As mental focus replaces racing thoughts, your creative juices will start flowing – but you won’t be particularly productive. Though the high takes off as a burst of energy, it settles into your head like a dreamy cloud, leaving you more inspired to socialize or practice self-reflection than to complete essential tasks.

EFFECTS Euphoric
Elevated blood pressure
FRAGRANCE candy-like, sour citrus, sweet tropical fruit, diesel, nut, sweet and sour fruity notes
FLAVORS berry, fruits, creamy notes of vanilla, nuts, diesel, musky skunk


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