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Zangria Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Zangria Teds Budz, is a potent medical strain that smells like a basket of fresh and fragrant oranges. This suitably named hybrid has uplifting talents that will ensure you a good time, allowing you to kick back on a lazy afternoon, and soak in the good and positive vibrations.

Created by Barney’s Farm Seeds, this unique strain offers an invigorating smoking experience with its ancestry of exemplary parent strains, consisting of G13, Afghan, and Neville’s Haze. A pleasant aroma of citrus pervades each toke, making this strain truly one of a kind.

However, it has won several accolades and is recognized by doctors for its medicinal purposes, turning it into a favorite among those in the medical cannabis community.This hybrid has a soothing and energizing presence, that will light you up in the most literal sense, making you feel sudden bursts of happiness.

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This plant also has a very distinct flavor, and its aroma is a strong indicator of the beautiful flavors you will soon enjoy. It has a smoke that will instantly fill your mouth with a sensational blend of orange, berry and other sweet and sugary tropical fruits. Also, Ray-K 41 Teds Buds and Zapples Teds Budz.

However, this weed strain has earned its name, as there couldn’t possibly be a better one for it out there. This strain has an aroma that will hit you instantly. It boasts of hints of berry and shocks of citrus, and is both dank and pungent, and makes this bud easily recognizable among veteran smokers.

Teds Budz Zangria kush strain Effects

Zangria is a remarkable three-way hybrid that has acquired all the desirable qualities from its parent plants. As soon as you light it up, you’ll experience an instant head rush that will immediately revitalize you and fill you with excitement. This strain has an extraordinary ability to uplift your mood and bring about uncontrollable smiles of joy.

This strain has a unique and happiness-inducing effect on its users, making it a perfect choice for people looking to brighten up their day.


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