Mamba OG | High 90s Cannabis 3.5G


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Net Weight : 3.5 GramsĀ 


Taste: Grapes with notes of earthy pine and lemon

Effects: Deep relaxation

THC: 27.47%

Total Cannabinoids: 28.10%


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Buy Mamba OG High 90s Strain Review | 3.5g Cannabis Flowers For Sale

Mamba OG High 90s Strain stands as a testament to the creativity and precision in cannabis breeding, resulting from the thoughtful combination of Black Mamba and SFV OG, two potent and distinct indica strains. This hybrid inherits characteristics from both parents, offering users a unique blend of effects that cater to various preferences.

However, the combination of Black Mamba’s robust qualities and SFV OG’s potency results in a strain known for its relaxing and sedative properties, making it a popular choice among those seeking relief from stress, pain, or insomnia. The careful fusion of these genetics highlights the expertise in developing strains that deliver a harmonious balance of effects, embodying the best qualities of its parent strains.

High 90s Weed Mamba OG Flavor

One of the distinguishing features of Mamba OG High 90s Strain lies in its flavorful profile. The strain’s taste profile is a delightful blend of sweet grapes intermingled with earthy pine and subtle hints of lemon. This intricate fusion of flavors creates a sensory experience that captivates the palate, offering a complex and enjoyable smoking or vaping session. The sweet and fruity essence of grapes combined with earthy and citrus undertones adds depth and richness to the overall taste, making it a flavorful choice for cannabis connoisseurs seeking a diverse and satisfying flavor profile.

The distinct fusion of sweet grapes, earthy pine, and lemon in Mamba OG not only contributes to its flavorful nature but also enhances its appeal to a wide range of consumers. Whether seeking relaxation, relief from ailments, or simply enjoying the sensory journey of flavors, this strain provides an engaging and versatile experience. Its well-crafted combination of genetics and flavors showcases the complexity and artistry involved in creating cannabis strains that offer a harmonious blend of effects and tastes, catering to the diverse preferences of cannabis enthusiasts.

Mamba OG Strain Effects

Upon consumption, anticipate a brief onset of head haziness that swiftly gives way to a cheerful and uplifted sensation, setting the stage for a transition into a profound state of relaxation. This initial cognitive haziness gently transforms into a positive and buoyant mood, offering a pleasant sense of euphoria before gradually easing into a deeply tranquil and relaxed state.

The journey from an upbeat mental state to a profound sense of calmness characterizes the unique and gradual shift in the effects, promising a well-rounded experience that combines both uplifting and soothing sensations, catering to those seeking a dynamic yet ultimately serene encounter. Also, Papaya Cake MR. ZIPS Weed and Kush Mountain High 90s Disposable.


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