Tropical Cookies | High 90s Cannabis 3.5G


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Net Weight : 3.5 Grams 

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Lineage: Girl Scout Cookies x Biscotti

Top Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool

Flavor & Aroma: Vanilla, Mint

Effects: Hungry, Tingly

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Buy Tropical Cookies High 90s Strain Review | 3.5g Cannabis Flowers For Sale

Tropical Cookies High 90s Weed emerges as an intriguing indica-dominant strain resulting from the intentional combination of two distinguished varieties, Girl Scout Cookies and Biscotti. This hybridization reflects a deliberate effort to harness the desirable traits of its parent strains, bringing together the renowned Girl Scout Cookies known for its sweet and earthy flavors and combining it with the rich and flavorful Biscotti.

The fusion of these genetics hints at a strain that may offer a delightful blend of flavors and effects, promising users an aromatic and potentially well-rounded cannabis experience. With Girl Scout Cookies contributing its sweetness and Biscotti adding its own unique profile, Tropical Cookies signifies an exploration into creating a strain that encapsulates the best of both worlds, appealing to those seeking a flavorful and fulfilling encounter.

High 90s Weed Tropical Cookies Flavor

The striking visual appearance of Tropical Cookies is characterized by dark green and purple-hued buds adorned with vibrant orange hairs, creating a visually captivating spectacle. This blend of colors accentuates the contrast, providing an aesthetic appeal that draws attention. The dark green and purple shades interspersed throughout the buds, coupled with the vivid orange hairs, contribute to a visually stunning presentation that stands out among other cannabis varieties. Additionally, the juxtaposition of these colors further emphasizes the strain’s uniqueness and potentially signals the presence of anthocyanins, compounds responsible for purple pigmentation in some cannabis strains, enhancing its visual allure.

Anticipate a rich and multifaceted flavor profile within Tropical Cookies, characterized by pronounced notes of mint, sweet cherry, and lemon. The infusion of these distinctive flavors promises a sensory experience that tantalizes the taste buds. The bold presence of mint offers a refreshing and cool sensation, likely contributing a crisp and invigorating element to the overall taste. However, the addition of sweet cherry notes introduces a delightful fruity sweetness, enhancing the complexity of the flavor profile. Complementing these flavors, the hints of lemon provide a zesty and tangy undertone, balancing the sweetness with a citrusy touch. This intricate fusion of mint, sweet cherry, and lemon suggests a harmonious interplay of flavors, presenting a diverse and layered taste experience for consumers seeking a flavorful and aromatic cannabis encounter.

Tropical Cookies Strain Effects

The lineage of Tropical Cookies, bred from the cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Biscotti, suggests a potential infusion of diverse flavors and effects. Girl Scout Cookies brings forward its sweet and earthy notes, often accompanied by hints of spice, while Biscotti introduces its rich and flavorful profile, known for its nutty and creamy undertones. This combination of distinct flavor profiles indicates a potential convergence of sweet, earthy, and nutty flavors, offering a complex and layered taste experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Beyond its taste, the strain’s indica dominance hints at the possibility of inducing relaxation and euphoria, making Tropical Cookies an intriguing option for those seeking both flavorful and potentially calming effects in their cannabis choice. Also, Nineties OG Kush | High 90s Cannabis and Rainbow Belts High 90s Disposable


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