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Strain Type SATIVA
THC   42%
Quantity    3.5G
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Berner’s Cookies Lemonnade Caffeine Premium Marijuana 3.5G

Lemonnade Caffeine Cookies weed is an exceptional bud that has been creating a buzz on message boards, where people discuss it as if they were in a coffee shop. Boasting dense green buds and deep purple hues, this strain delivers an energetic vibe minus the jitters commonly associated with real caffeine.

However, the sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, commonly referred to as “The Original Lemonnade” or simply “Lemonade,” was developed through a genetic cross of Lemon OG and Gorilla Haze. The taste and aroma of Lemonade mimic those of lemons that have been freshly squeezed. Lemonade is particularly suitable for individuals who like to wake and bake, as it typically induces feelings of energy and motivation in its users. Also, Lemonnade – Medellin Berner Cookies and Banana OG – Dabwoods Disposable.


Lemonnade Caffeine Cookies strain Aroma

Patients seeking medical relief choose this therapeutic strain for its anxiety-relieving, inflammation-reducing, and cramp-easing properties. Cultivated by Cookies, this strain yields dense and resinous buds adorned with delicate orange hairs, perfectly contrasting against the light green hue of the buds. Its beauty is matched only by its medicinal effectiveness.

There’s nothing quite like starting your day off with the rich, earthy scent and subtle hints of chocolate that this product provides. Its dark grape jelly-colored flowers are truly striking, especially when set against a backdrop of lush greenery and fiery orange hairs, all coated in a thick layer of trichomes. Unfortunately, we’re unable to accept returns or exchanges unless the product is faulty, due to certain compliance regulations.


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