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Strain Type SATIVA
THC   40%
Quantity    3.5G
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Lemonnade Blanco Berner’s Cookies Weed 3.5G

Lemonnade Blanco Cookies a hybrid strain resulting from the genetic fusion of Wedding Cake and Sirius Chem D, boasts an impressive 27% THC and 1% CBG content. This makes it a perfect selection for those with prior cannabis experience seeking a potent and enjoyable experience.

Blanco strain has been reviewed by users to produce a feeling of euphoria, uplifting mood and talkativeness. It is frequently preferred by medical marijuana patients who suffer from anxiety, stress and depression-related symptoms. Also, Heavy Eye  Berner Cookies and Blue Dream – Dabwoods Disposable.


Berners Cookies Lemonnade Blanco strain THC Content

Although the name Blanco evokes tranquility and purity due to its association with the color white, its effects are far from serene. With a potent THC level of 16%-20%, even experienced smokers may find themselves overwhelmed by this strain. To prevent feeling like you’ve just run a cannabis marathon, it’s wise to consume this strain in moderation. However, this recommendation applies to any strain one chooses to indulge in. Sit back, relax, and savor the ride.

Thanks to its hybrid genetics, the Blanco weed strain provides a unique experience that combines the best of both worlds. Initially, it produces an energetic and euphoric high, coupled with a light body-tingling sensation that swiftly transforms into an elevated state of mind. The strain’s effects enhance mood, focus, creativity, sociability, and even arousal, making it ideal for socializing with friends, engaging in meaningful conversations, or embarking on creative art projects.


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