Lions Mane (SATIVA) – Lemonnade Premium Grade Weed 3.5G


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Strain Type SATIVA
THC   50%
Quantity    3.5G
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Berner’s Cookies Lions Mane Premium Marijuana 3.5G

Lions Mane Cookies weed is a highly potent indica-dominant hybrid strain of marijuana with an unknown lineage. It has been known to induce cerebral effects that some consumers describe as psychedelic, resulting in a euphoric state. This strain is an excellent choice for creative minds looking to overcome writer’s block or engage in introspective discussions. Expect to feel stimulated and creatively energized with the use of Lions Mane Cookies weed.

Those who require medical marijuana for depression and fatigue turn to Lion’s Mane for relief. The strain is characterized by a spicy and sour scent, and a flavor that brings to mind chamomile. Its origin can be traced back to Lemonnade, the breeder responsible for bringing Lion’s Mane into existence.


Lions Mane Cookies weed strain Effects

The Lions Mane strain possesses an uplifting quality capable of instantaneously transforming a bad mood into a better one. It exudes a highly motivating effect that inspires cerebral activity and promotes greater creativity. With its proven ability to change one’s mood, particularly after a tough day at work, this strain serves as a reliable option for those seeking a positive boost. Also, Orangutan Berner Cookies and Gush Mintz Dabwoods Disposable.

On days when you desire to stay productive without pushing yourself too hard, this hybrid can offer a relaxing experience. Lion Mane won’t weigh you down physically, allowing you to easily accomplish tasks even after consuming it.


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