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Lemon Popperz Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Lemon Popperz Teds Budz, can thus be really helpful since it smells almost exactly like the real fruit. Still, that is not the whole story. The strain has garnered honors for its delicious aftertaste and dreamy high.

Every kitchen would have lemons as a basic item. Their tanginess might give a worn-out soul assaulted by daily stresses life vitality. Actually, one does not even have to include citrus as an ingredient. Just the scent of them will help to increase brain activity.

Pheno Finder Seeds wed two industry leaders to create such a great offspring. First is a two-time champion of the Cannabis Cup developed from Green House Seeds, Lemon Popperz. Its name evokes a thick cloud with a sweet, tangy taste of lemons. Moreover, being such a trichome loaded mix, its potency strikes strong and comes quickly.

Teds Buds Lemon Popperz Flavor | Aroma

Popular among many cannabis aficionados, Lemon Bubble boasts a rainbow of tastes noted for their harmony. It tastes sweet lemons at the first toke, and a fruit scented blunt wrap will help to accentuate this taste. But when the tropical sample sets, a floral character with traces of earth and spice shows up. Exhaled, it leaves a smooth, buttery flavor on the throat.

Lemon Popperz inherited the very clear sweet lemon aroma of its parent Super Lemon Haze. Still, amid the strong citrus scent are hints of herbs. Their combined scent is acidic, earthy and blends nicely. Ever heard of, Donuts Teds Buds and Killer Fugu Teds Budz.

Teds Budz Lemon Popperz Effects and Medical Use

If you want cheap buds, try Lemon Popperz Teds Budz. Within a few puffs, users experience full Sativa effects. This strain is powerful due of its 19%–23% THC concentration.
Lemon Bubble produces a happy, euphoric high after a few hits. User happiness lowers inhibitions and encourages communication. It is a great party strain since it makes people social.In the early phases of the high, the bud boosts spirits and vitality. Users feel energized and work hard while the high lasts.

Nice recreational strain Lemon Popperz. Depression sufferers can improve their mood with a few tokes. In addition to behavioral improvements, the bud is known for its physiological benefits. Due to its psychotropic qualities, it provides great analgesic benefits. Its sedative body high relieves tension. It also relieves chronic bodily pain and muscular aches by soothing muscles. Perhaps most importantly, it can calm epileptics and seizure sufferers.


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