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                                 Killer Fugu Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Killer Fugu Teds Budz is an expert in their field. At up to 27% THC, it can easily knock out users who ignore the age-old advice to stay within one’s limits. At the same time, it has excellent credentials in the medical cannabis industry due to its 2% CBD, which treats a variety of mental and physical ailments. Indeed, the mystery breeders of Ace Killer OG put a lot of effort into the Indica-dominant hybrid.

It took the cerebral euphoria of White Fire OG, the slow-starting head buzz of King’s Kush, and the potent Kosher Kush to finish it off with a top secret strain. When used, Killer Fugu provides a powerful high that will knock every thrill seeker’s socks off. Nonetheless, beginners may enjoy the challenge with the assistance of a seasoned friend.

Teds Buds Killer Fugu Flavors

The strong buds of the strain emit a smell like diesel’s acrid but sour one. But it replaces the chemical smell with that of woody pine when broken down or burned. Emphasizing it are undertones of moist ground. The taste of diesel and wood explodes in the palate right after drawing its smoke in. First mildly sour, it later becomes a cool pine with an earthy aftertaste on the exhale.

Killer Fugu CBD content exceeds most recreational strains at up to 2%. Together with the effects of other cannabis compounds like THC, this offers users brief relief from several diseases. For instance, its joyful high helps the mind to relax from the extreme anxiety stress brings. This also momentarily helps with symptoms of mental health problems including anxiety, PTSD, and depression. Looking for something new? Try these options, peanut Butterscotch Teds and Lilium Teds Budz.

  Killer Fugu Teds Buds kush strain Effects

With its slow-starting high, Killer Fugu Teds Budz likes to sneak up on unwary consumers. Therefore, rather than smoking the pot all at once, one should start to progressively increase dosage. That said, its beginning is a warm euphoria blanketing the brain. It brings joyful ideas and memories that make people content from inside. Often, too, it is accompanied by appetite.

After all, mental activity does require energy. Snacks within arm’s reach will save one from a trip to the refrigerator. About an hour or two later, a warm sensation flows down the temple. As the whole body gives in to complete relaxation, it releases pain, tightness, and tension. The weight in the limbs finally drives consumers to the bed. Once it starts, the drowsiness has one drifting off to dreamland practically immediately.


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