Orange Mints #1 | Jungle Boys Weed Pack

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80% Indica /20% sativa
THC: 25.62%
CBD: 0.08%
Total Cannabinoids: 30.33%

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Jungle Boys Orange Mints #1 Strain Review

Orange Mints #1 jungle boys strain boasts a succulent 50/50 hybrid composition and a refreshing citrus palette. However, it’s important to exercise caution due to its moderate THC concentration of around 9%, particularly if you’re new to cannabis consumption. It’s recommended to partake in the evening hours for the best experience.

When it comes to the flavor profile, this strain offers a delightful combination of earthy, gassy, and citrusy aromas. On the palate, the orange flavor is the star of the show. As for its effects, Orange Mints is a versatile strain that can provide a range of sensations, including focus, arousal, euphoria, upliftment, and calmnes

Orange Mints #1 Jungle Boys weed Effects

Orange Mints, a 50% indica/50% sativa hybrid strain, is the result of crossing the delectable Orange Push Pop and Animal Mints strains. Boasting a delicious flavor, this hybrid is a well-balanced option for those seeking a powerful, long-lasting high that affects both the mind and body. A euphoric boost will leave you feeling tingly and happy, activating your sociability and creativity.
Meanwhile, a physical tingle will relax your body. With a high THC level averaging 18-28% and a CBD level of 0-1%, Orange Mints is effective in treating a range of conditions such as chronic stress, depression, PTSD, appetite loss, and nausea.

This strain offers a citrusy orange flavor with a hint of creamy mint and spicy herbs, accompanied by a sour orange aroma accented by spicy diesel and menthol. Its small grape-shaped nugs are minty green with thick orange hairs and golden-amber white crystal trichomes. People who bought this also enjoyed Mitten Cake Batter #5 Jungle Boys and GSC Dabwoods Disposable


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