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80% Indica /20% sativa
THC: 21.43%
CBD: 0.04%
Total Cannabinoids: 25.12%

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 Jungle Boys Jungle Mints Strain Review

Jungle Mints jungle boys strain was created by breeding Jungle Cake and LA Kush Cake. It boasts a potent THC level of 22%, making it a popular choice among experienced cannabis users. Leafly customers have reported feeling a combination of hunger, sleepiness, and relaxation after consuming this strain. Medical marijuana patients also turn to Jungle Mints to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, arthritis, and anorexia.
Caryophyllene is the dominant terpene in this strain, and it is known for its earthy, skunk, and menthol aroma and flavor profile. Bred by the Jungle Boys, Jungle Mints is a quality cannabis strain that delivers a powerful experience.

This Strain is an evenly balanced hybrid strain with a 50% indica and 50% sativa blend. This strain is created by crossbreeding Jungle Cake and LA Kush Cake, and is the perfect bud for those who love a high-powered hybrid. When consumed, Jungle Mints induces a soaring and stimulating high that provides hours of relaxation. The effects of the bud start to creep in a few minutes after taking the final hit, which fills the mind with a lifted sense of tingly euphoria. As a result, any negative or racing thoughts are eliminated, leaving a sense of nothingness.

The tingle then transforms into a heavy and heady sensation that will cause drowsiness and put you to sleep before you realize it. With an average THC level ranging from 22-29%, Jungle Mints is a go-to choice for treating depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and loss of appetite or nausea. The sour citrusy orange flavor with a menthol punch is truly unforgettable, and the aroma is reminiscent of earthy skunky diesel with a hint of sour citrusy orange. The buds of Jungle Mints are spade-shaped with a dark olive-green color and deep purple undertones, accompanied by thin orange hairs and a frosty coating of dark-purple tinted white crystal trichomes.

Jungle Mints Jungle Boys weed Effects

With its hybrid composition, the Jungle Mints strain is a great option for those seeking a balanced experience of relaxation and focus. Users have reported a euphoric high that effectively washes away any anxieties or worries. This upliftment brings about a creative surge that also helps in accomplishing tasks at hand. Additionally, this strain allows for a state of relaxation to set in, making it a good option for daytime use. However, those new to cannabis should avoid it due to its high THC content and potential for strong effects.
While smoking Jungle Mints may bring about some side effects like anxiety, paranoia, and dizziness, it can also provide relief for medical conditions like depression, stress, chronic pain, and lack of appetite.
The aroma of Jungle Mints is described as pleasantly herbal, combining spicy and minty notes that fill a room with freshness. The buds themselves emit a slight sourness, which enhances the overall flavor profile. Speaking of taste, the herbal flavor is enhanced with hints of tropical fruit like mango, creating a truly exquisite experience.
When you purchase Jungle Mints, you’ll receive a pack of small minty green buds, generously covered with orange pistils and white trichomes. All in all, this strain provides a balanced and pleasant experience, perfect for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Check these out too Jungle Cake Jungle Boys and Gator breath Cake Disposable


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