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70% Indica /30% sativa
THC: 29.05%
CBD: 0.06%
Total Cannabinoids: 34.33%

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 Jungle Boys Divorce Cake Strain Review

Divorce Cake jungle boys strain is an indica-dominant strain that has been developed by unknown breeders, through a cross of White Widow and Wedding Cake. This should not be mistaken with the Divorce Cake strain by Jungle Boys Seeds, which is a hybrid of Divorce Cake #1 and Zkittlez Cake.

Divorce Cake boasts of a unique combination of fragrances, which include citrus, fuel, and earth. Its flavor is equally remarkable, consisting of a blend of fruit, flowers, cream, and fuel, with a mouth-watering and irresistible quality.
The linalool, bisabolol, and camphene terpenes present in this strain provide the sweet and citrusy taste that is a hallmark of Divorce Cake. It is easy to become lost in the tantalizing flavor, and it is essential to consume in moderation to fully savor the experience. Divorce Cake is a worthwhile strain that should not be missed.

Divorce Cake Jungle Boys weed Effects

The origins of Divorce Cake may be a mystery, but it has certainly captured the attention of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide, and its fame is being propelled by the growers at Jungle Boys. It’s highly likely that this strain will be remembered in the annals of cannabis history. With epic THC levels, a calming and euphoric buzz that lasts for an extended period, and delightful flavors and fragrances, Divorce Cake is a truly beneficial strain.
In this Divorce Cake strain review, we’ll delve deeper into its properties, but for now, let’s take it one step at a time and appreciate the exquisite fragrance that emanates from the bag. A product of Wedding Cake and Girl Scout Cookies, the floral, earthy tones, and fruity citrus undertones of Divorce Cake’s aroma are nothing short of invigorating. When crushed, the scent is further heightened, with a diesel fuel undertone that is sure to enhance the smoking experience. Ever heard of Cream Sicle Jungle Boys and Blue dream Dabwoods Disposable


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