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Grand National Chronicles Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Grand National Chronicles Teds Budz has gained widespread admiration within the cannabis community due to its unparalleled taste and potent effects. Revered for its robust potency, it stands proudly among the top-tier strains, ensuring a consistently satisfying and enjoyable encounter.

The buds of Teds Budz from the Grand National Chronicles lineage typically showcase a dense and tightly-packed structure adorned with a vibrant emerald shade. These buds are further enhanced by a delightful covering of trichomes, offering a mesmerizing frostiness. Its aroma is captivating, featuring a captivating fusion of earthy and pungent notes, intertwined with invigorating hints of citrus and revitalizing pine undertones. Overall, it presents an enchanting olfactory experience that entices the senses.

Teds Buds Grand National Chronicles Flavor, Effects and Potency

The extraordinary blend of terpenes in this strain promises an enticing aromatic experience. Fenchol contributes its refreshing lemon-lime and herbal scents, beautifully balanced by the invigorating citrus and cool minty tones of Limonene. Meanwhile, the gentle essence of Myrcene contrasts with the spicy, peppery hints of B-Caryophyllene, creating a harmonious interplay of musky aromas that complement each other seamlessly. For same effects try these, Garlic Shrimp Gilr Teds Buds and Grape Gelato Push Pop Teds Budz. 

Grand National Chronicles stands as a robust strain highly regarded among seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. With its elevated THC levels, this strain offers potent psychoactive effects, inducing sensations of euphoria, tranquility, and enhanced creative energy. Users commonly report an uplifted mood and heightened focus as notable outcomes when consuming this strain.

Teds Budz Grand National Chronicles Growing Information 

The Grand National Chronicles strain is known for its adaptability, making it a feasible choice for growers at varying experience levels. For indoor cultivation, it’s advised due to the ease of controlling environmental conditions. With a flowering period averaging 8-9 weeks, expect moderate to high yields. Outdoor growth is feasible in warm, sunny climates, particularly in nutrient-rich soil and ample sunlight. Typically, harvest time occurs between late September and early October.


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