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Grand National Chronicles Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Grand National Chronicles Teds Budz has gained widespread admiration within the cannabis community due to its unparalleled taste and potent effects. Revered for its robust potency, it stands proudly among the top-tier strains, ensuring a consistently satisfying and enjoyable encounter.

In 1994, Serious Seeds began breeding Grand National Chronicles. The strain was created by fusing Northern Lights, AK-47, and Skunk—three of the most respected cannabis cultivators. AK-47 was originally intended to boost resin synthesis and enhance overall potency of the strain.

Grand National Chronicles was introduced to the cannabis industry in the same year as its excellent lineage, and it is not surprising that it placed third in the High Times Cannabis Cup that year. Since then, it has received countless accolades.

Teds Buds Grand National Chronicles Flavor, Effects and Potency

The smell of Chronic is really intriguingly different. It smells strongly of skunk with a tinge of wood and herb. The strain’s general scent is intriguingly twisted, nevertheless, by the sweet notes of honey and blossom. The distinctive smells of hash and spice from its AK-47 father come through if grounded.

Its smoke is a little too powerful for some users, irritating their noses. All the same, this is what makes Chronic such a classic strain. The general flavors of Chronic also exhibit the similar disparity. That is to say, the sweetness of honey balances the undertones of herb, pine, and skunk. For same effects try these, Garlic Shrimp Gilr Teds Buds and Grape Gelato Push Pop Teds Budz. 

Teds Budz Grand National Chronicles Growing Information 

Exhaled Chronic smoke has a hint of pepper and tastes somewhat fruity. One can still feel this on their palate after smoking. All in all, Chronic keeps a traditional marijuana flavor with a delightful surprise.

Both indoor and outdoor cultivation is possible for chronic. Better still is to grow the plant in a controlled setting. Still, since the plant is grown in a semi-humid environment with daily temperatures ranging from 72° to 80° Fahrenheit, outdoor growing is feasible. It is also advisable to select a piece of property apart from nosy neighbors.

The plant will flourish in an indoor hydroponic system. To contain the strain’s extremely pungent smell, indoor producers might additionally need to spend in odor control devices like carbon filters and exhaust fans.


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