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Fuelato Connected Cannabis Co. 3.5G

Fuelato Connected Cannabis, is an Indica-heavy hybrid; nearly 85% of its genes are Indica. It is moderately potent with 20% THC, making it approachable for newcomers yet strong enough for regular users. Although its exact origins are not certain, one of its parents is NYC Diesel, a beloved hybrid from Soma Sacred Seeds.

The NYC Diesel parent contributes to the effects of calm and sedation that are hallmarks of this strain. Many think the strain originated from Short Stuff Seedbank, which is located in Spain, but this is not 100% confirmed.

However, we will go over the effects, the flavors, and some tips for growing this strain in particular. Keep reading for all you need to know about this delightful strain.

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Upon inhaling, the subtler notes will be noticeable. This includes a warm nuttiness and pine flavor, exhaled with a sweet, herbal one. The aftertaste is particularly enjoyable, leaving a sweet, warm flavor and none of the initially strong Diesel flavor you started with. Also, Guava x Biscotti Connected Cannabis 3.5G .

This strain has numerous notable flavors. Like the aroma, the first flavors you’ll get is a noticeable diesel. This is pleasantly layered with spices and sweetness to dampen and calm the sharp Diesel tones. Once it begins to burn, you will uncover other aromas in addition to that first chemical scent. Fruit-like, sweet undertones are particularly noticeable, sometimes in a sugary or candy-like way

Connected Cannabis Fuelato strain Effects

The first part of the high is all in your head, while the latter part is more in the body. After your intense focus or spurt of creativity, you will settle into a calmer, more relaxed state. This is the perfect time to sit down and simply feel at peace with the world.

EFFECTS Motivated
ADVERSE REACTIONS Sensory distortion
FRAGRANCE Chemical scent, fruity, sweet, candy-like, berry
FLAVORS Diesel, nutty, pine, sweet, herbal


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