Dying Dreaming (HYBRID) – Berner Cookies Premium Weed 3.5G


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Strain Type HYBRID
THC   48%
Quantity    3.5G
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Buy Dying Dreaming Cookies Weed Strain | 3.5G Premium Cannabis Flower For Sale

Dying Dreaming Cookies Strain is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that provides a thoroughly calming experience. With a delightful bubble gum fragrance and robust floral taste, this strain awakens your senses. Meanwhile, the strain’s euphoric and soothing body high helps alleviate any physical discomfort.

Allow yourself to relax and surrender to the soothing effects of this dreamy strain, as it transports you to a tranquil state of mind. Those who have experienced its effects have reported a blissful sensation and a reduction in pain, all while feeling a sense of euphoria and serenity. Also, Cheetah Piss Berner Cookies and Blackberry Kush Chief Carts


Berner’s cookies Dying Dreaming Strain Review

Upon manifestation, the effects of this substance yield a euphoric rush that sweeps through the user. Heightened senses of clarity and focus immediately accompany the sensation, while an energetic boost drives the user into overdrive. This is undoubtedly a trait inherited from the globally famous White Widow. As it does not result in a foggy mind, most users feel more capable of completing their tasks.

Although using marijuana can be enjoyable, it is not without its unpleasant side effects. While these reactions are generally not harmful in the long term, they can still be frustrating. For example, individuals who use Dying Dreaming may experience dryness in their mouth, which can become more noticeable if they consume too much. Additionally, users may also develop dry eyes, which can exacerbate the discomfort they experience.


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