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Donuts – The Smoker’s Club Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Donuts Teds Budz is a rare Sativa-dominant strain developed by The Smoker’s Club. It is believed to be a reproduction of a hybrid that was made by the same breeder years ago but was lost and forgotten in their records. Nevertheless, this remarkable jewel could not be easily erased from memory, prompting the creators to replicate it once again using identical genetic material.

Initially, Teds Budz developed a hybrid strain by combining Strawberry Cough with Durban Diesel. The two Sativas elicited a remarkable cerebral euphoria that significantly heightened sensory perception. It serves as an excellent companion for low-intensity physical or social pursuits. In order to enhance its growing characteristics, the breeders incorporated their high-yielding Original Loud strain. Strawberry Durban Diesel’s therapeutic properties were enhanced by the Indica-dominant bud, which also provided a calming body high.

Teds Budz Donuts Flavor | Appearance

The donuts Strain possess a prevailing essence of strawberry, accompanied by subtle hints of diesel. The taste is notably acidic, particularly when fragmented. Nevertheless, it emits a saccharine fruit when the buds are ignited. Upon inhaling Donut, a tartness is immediately detected on the taste buds. Subsequently, it evolves into the delectable flavor of strawberries and succulent berries. Enhancing it are pungent notes of diesel that become stronger when exhaled. The smoke might have a strong and unpleasant smell.

Depression is one of the primary contributors to global mortality. Several variables contribute to the emergence of mental health problems. One example is persistent stress, which leads to a disruption in the production of brain neurotransmitters. If not given attention, it might worsen the disease and contribute to various additional health difficulties. Donuts provides temporary relief with symptoms of mental health conditions such as sadness, anxiety, and PTSD by its euphoric effects. It substitutes negative emotions with an optimistic perspective and a cheerful demeanor. Simultaneously, the tranquilizing euphoria of this substance alleviates the overpowering sense of fear and anxiety induced by stress. Also, Bubblegum Popperz Teds Buds and Dragon Trash Teds Budz.

Teds Budz Donuts Effects

Almost right away after the initial toke, it provides a calming high that improves the attitude. Buzzing from the temples, it swarms the mind and fills every crevice with an infectious happiness that clearly changes conduct. From ear to ear, smiles flash brighter than they have ever done and span wider.

For casual users, the positive attitude helps to increase output. It stimulates fresh ideas by means of rose-colored glasses that inspire more thinking. The clarity of the mind gives thoughts room to develop naturally and freely. Users who are more motivated can work on projects nonstop without feeling a sloshy fatigue.


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