White Runtz : Berner Cookies Premium Weed 3.5G


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   51%
Quantity    3.5G
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Buy White Runtz Cookies Weed Strain : 3.5G Premium Cannabis Flower For Sale

White Runtz Cookies Strain is a rare strain originating from the Bay Area, known for its delectable sweet, fruity, and creamy flavor profile and its ability to induce a powerful and creative head high. Ideal for spending a long afternoon engaging in crafting activities or enjoying the company of friends while experiencing a soothing body buzz.
The potency of White Runtz is well-renowned, thanks to its genetic makeup, which is a combination of two highly popular strains – Gelato and Zkittlez, known for their exceptional taste when blended. This amalgamation produces a perfectly balanced, 50/50 hybrid strain that exhibits robust effects.
The THC percentage of White Runtz strain can peak as high as 24%, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a potent and long-lasting high experience while enjoying the strain’s delicious taste. Similar items worth considering for your next purchase, WHITE RUNTZ : STIIIZY WEED, Runtz Mintz : West Coast Cure Weed, Area 41 : Alien Labs Weed, Cake Mints – Green Dragon Weed and Legend OG (Indica) : West Coast Cure Weed.


Berner’s cookies White Runtz Strain Review

Although White Runtz offers a lasting experience, there is no need to wait for its effects to manifest. A euphoric and giggly headrush will take over shortly after consuming this strain, along with a feeling of peace. White Runtz also generates uplifting and anxiety-free creative thoughts.

The feeling of a body buzz contributes to enhancing the experience without causing any nervousness or excessive energy. It will allow you to concentrate on the task at hand with ease. This pleasurable sensation begins at the spine and swiftly spreads throughout the body, providing a beneficial boost that will not divert your attention. Additionally, you may feel the urge to snack, so it is advisable to keep some treats close by.


White Runtz and Its Origins

  • Runtz Overview:
    • Beloved cannabis variety originating from Los Angeles
    • Initially hard to find outside Southern California
    • Introduced to the market by Berner, a rapper and cannabis entrepreneur
  • White Runtz:
    • Named for its thick layer of trichomes giving a snow-white appearance
    • Result of crossbreeding Gelato and Zkittlez (both indica-dominant strains)
    • Well-balanced hybrid combining physical relaxation and euphoria
    • Exhibits sweet, fruity flavors and aromas reminiscent of its parent strains and candies
    • THC levels generally around 20%, CBD levels below 1%
    • Rich concentration of terpenes contributing to relaxing physical effects and uplifting euphoria


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