Triple Gelato (INDICA) – MR. ZIPS Weed 3.5G


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Strain Type: Indica

Quantity: 3.5 Grams

THC:  41%

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Triple Gelato Mr ZIPS Cannabis 3.5G

Triple Gelato Mr Zips, is a choice thrill seeker’s treat. It delivers a soaring euphoria that improves the mood from zero to a hundred within minutes. Patients may also find an uncanny companion in the bud as a healing companion.

Not only that, because it is highly potent, a few tokes go a long way and last for hours at a time. Cinderella 99, or Cindy for short, is a sweet-tasting Sativa. It delivers a quick-acting euphoria that soars the mind to greater heights.

Gupta Kush, on the other hand, delivers a heavy-limbed Indica buzz that settles into the limbs to relieve pain all over the body. These traits are not for naught either. The triple threat is completed by its vigorous yields.

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In the palate, the taste of black wine grapes fills the palate. It is a little sour especially once the undertones of grapefruit, lemons, and citrus take over. However, it is quickly counteracted by the undertones of earth that come after. Also, Wedding Cake Mr Zips Weed 3.5G .

This weed strain has a citric aroma that enthralls the senses even at the first whiff. It has hints of grapefruit and squeezed lemons. Further enhancing its profile is the aroma of earth, red currant, and cabernet.

Mr ZIPS Kush Triple Gelato strain Effects

Minutes after the first few puffs, a rush of euphoria eliminates the negativity. It turns the day around as it uplifts the spirits, planting an innate sense of happiness that refreshes the mind. Complementing it is a surge of energy that raises motivation.

EFFECTS Uplifted – 10
Happy – 8
Energetic – 5
Euphoric – 5
Relaxed – 5
FRAGRANCE Citrus, grapefruit, lemon, earthy
FLAVORS Sour, grapefruit, lemon, citrus, earthy
Dry mouth – 10
MEDICAL Depression – 10
Stress – 10


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