Rainbow Cherry Smackz (Sativa) Teds Budz 3.5G


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Rainbow Cherry Smackz Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Rainbow Cherry Smackz Teds Budz, is all head high with an airy body relaxation. This strain provides a long lasting cerebral sensation, which is no surprise, when you consider its exact lineage. It is no surprise it is somewhat of a happy-go-lucky Sativa, and has become a favored daytime strain among recreational and medical users alike.

It’s funny that this strain has such a heavy-sounding name, because it is a light-bodied sativa dominant hybrid that has only positive effects to share.This hybrid is a power-combo from the parentage of Trainwreck, Trinity and Jack the Ripper – a clear indication of what you can expect from this smoke.

This beautiful flower was created by TGA Genetics and is all about it’s surreal cerebral highs, making you feel floaty and elated, unlike the nuclear shutdown its name might make you fear you will have.

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This sativa strain carries all the sour lemon goodness in a rainbow of flavors. Also, Pink Rapsberry Smackz Teds Buds 3.5G weed Pack and Raxxbert Teds Budz 3.5G Weed Pack.

Its smoke has hints of tropical sweetness and sometimes cherries, and a sharp shock of lime will stay stuck on your tongue long after exhale. Rainbow Cherry Smackz has a very distinct scent, especially to those who have had it a few times – you will be able to recognize its earthy lime aroma from far away, and it will make everything around it smell like sour lemons and other amazingly aromatic citrus fruits.

Teds Budz Rainbow Cherry Smackz kush strain Effects

This strain induces a strong sense of wide-eyed euphoria, making you forget anything that might be weighing your thoughts down, and providing you with a boost of positivity that can translate into feeling motivated in many ways.

EFFECTS happy – 10
euphoric – 9
uplifted – 9
energetic – 8
relaxed – 7
ADVERSE REACTIONS dry mouth – 10
dry eyes – 6
dizzy – 2
paranoid – 2
headache – 1
FRAGRANCE earthy, lemon, lime, sour
FLAVORS lime, citrus, lemon, cherry, sweet, tropical
MEDICAL stress – 10
pain – 10
depression – 10
fatigue – 5
insomnia – 4


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