Pink Rozay : Berner Cookies Premium Weed 3.5G


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   62%
Quantity    3.5G
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Buy Pink Rozay Cookies Weed Strain : 3.5G Premium Cannabis Flower For Sale

Pink Rozay Cookies Strain partnered with Berners and the Cookies fam to establish the Collins Avenue cannabis brand, and the results have been phenomenal. One of the three exceptional strains developed under this brand, the opulent Pink Rozay, has rapidly emerged as one of the finest strains available in the market in just over a year.

Both Berners and Rick Ross have expressed their hands-on approach in developing this strain, and its potency speaks volumes about their efforts. Okay Player’s list of the most potent strains for rappers in 2021 brought Pink Rozay into the spotlight, a masterful combination of Lemonchello #10 and Lemon Pound Cake #75. This strain is highly sought-after for its impressive 15% to 20% THC content, which accentuates its potency and allure. If you’re an active user who craves an intense experience, Pink Rozay is definitely worth a try. Complete your collection with these highly recommended items, All Time High : Berner Cookies, PINK CHAMPAGNE  STIIIZY WEED, Champagne Wedding : Berner Cookies, Pink Runtz Berner Cookies and Pink Zkittlez | High 90s Cannabis.


Berner’s cookies Pink Rozay Strain Review

Experiencing the finer things in life involves paying attention to the nuances of sensory indulgence. Starting with smell is essential, whether drinking champagne or smoking Pink Rozay. This high-quality strain has a mix of flavorful strawberries, velvety roses, savory herbs, floral yeast, earthy musk, and nutty richness. Its sensual bouquet exudes a level of elegance and extravagance that is irresistible.

However, Pink Rozay, named after the alcoholic drink, offers a delectable taste of sweet strawberry, berry, rose petals, and citrus with earthy, herbaceous, and nutty undertones. It’s a luxurious experience, similar to drinking champagne, with a tantalizing aroma and a satisfying flavor that leaves you content.

Pink Rozay Strain Overview

Genetic Background:

  • Type: 80/20 indica-leaning hybrid
  • Parent Strains: Cross of London Pound Cake (LPC75) and Lemonchello 10
  • Breeder: Cookies Fam
  • Purpose: Bred for potency, taste, and desired effects

Appearance and Aroma:

  • Nugs: Impressively frosty with muted shades of green, purple, and pink
  • Buds: Thick trichomes and bright orange pistils among structured calyxes
  • Smell: Fruity/floral nose with creamy, pungent notes reminiscent of blue cheese or champagne

Effects and Usage:

  • THC Content: Around 21%
  • Experience: Suitable for experienced smokers; novices should use small quantities
  • Initial Effects: Mood-boosting, floaty euphoria comparable to drinking champagne
  • Subsequent Effects: Giggly and mentally hazy head high, followed by potential sedation and couch-lock
  • Ideal Use: Winding down from a long day, decompressing before social events


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