Mike Tai (INDICA) – Jungle Boys Smalls (10grams)


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                                Mike Tai Jungle Boys Smalls weed(10 Grams)

Mike Tai Jungle Boys Smalls, is the perfect companion for a relaxing night or a lazy afternoon. While its THC levels can reach up to 21%, it is versatile enough to accommodate first-timers. Sadly, since its introduction in 2011, Canna Clinic never disclosed their flagship strain’s lineage.

But, breeder secrecy has worked in the company’s favor. Today, Tyson is a well-loved, irreplaceable strain in both the recreational and medical communities. In spite of that, the strain’s pharmacological value remains high among medical users because of its psychoactive compounds and cannabinoids.

In users with food-deprived bodies, such as those with anorexia or cachexia, it calms the stomach and helps it down meals.

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Drawn in, chemical notes of diesel balanced by the sweetness of berries linger in the palate. On the exhale, the harsh, cough-inducing smoke leaves a spicy aftertaste. Also, Strawnana Jungle Boys Smalls 10 grams .

Unless, of course, one does not mind the overtones of diesel with hints of sweet skunk. Broken apart, the buds release an earthy aroma. All varieties of marijuana each have their own set of unwanted effects that users should be mindful of. Normally, the symptoms are mild but drinking water relieves such symptoms of dehydration.

Jungle Boys Small Mike Tai cannabis strain Effects

One of the best times to actually toke the bud is around nighttime, preferably before dinner. The strain’s stimulating compounds ignite the appetite and get one craving for just about anything. As such, it is best to prepare some snacks nearby. This will not only save time, it will also keep users from moving around too much.

EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Hungry – 9
Happy – 9
Euphoric – 2
Uplifted – 2
Dry eyes – 1
Dizzy – 1
Paranoid – 1
Anxious – 1
FRAGRANCE Pungent, diesel, sweet, skunk, earthy
FLAVORS Chemical, diesel, sweet, berry, spicy
MEDICAL Insomnia – 10
Lack of appetite – 10
Stress – 1
Pain – 1
Muscle spasms – 1


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