Blue Cheese (HYBRID) – Jungle Boys Smalls (10grams)


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Blue Cheese Jungle Boys Smalls weed(10 Grams)

Blue Cheese Jungle Boys Smalls, is a hybrid with potent indica properties that was originated in Europe. This strain is the result of a crossing of UK Cheese and Blueberry, and resulted in a pleasant balance of relaxation without the drowsiness.

With consistently elevated THC levels that can go well beyond 20%, Blue Cheese can be counted on to give a solid, full bodied high. This plant is favored in the medical cannabis community because of its ability to help soothe many mental and physical ailments and pain

This is a strain that has been recommended for the treatment of anxiety disorders, proving to be quite successful in controlling the symptoms of PTSD and bipolar disorder.

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There is something very special and interesting about mixing the pungent aroma of cheese with the delicate sweetness of blueberry. Incredibly, the mix of these two variants does create a sensational flavor that resembles the aromatic cheese the name comes from. Also, Perfect OG Jungle Boys Smalls 10 grams .

Its savory cheesy whiff mixed with the pungent sweetness of blueberry is guaranteed to stir up emotions in you. Blue Cheese is something very different in terms of aroma, but it is a fragrance that will appeal to you without you knowing why.

Jungle Boys Small Blue Cheese cannabis strain Effects

This strain creeps up on you slowly and lodges itself into your cerebral senses, bringing on the happy chemicals. The high from Blue Cheese is generally mellow, with bursts of energy, and definitely does its job at unwinding and inducing a simplified state of relaxation.

EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Happy – 8
Euphoric – 7
Sleepy – 6
Hungry – 4
FRAGRANCE Cheese, pungent, spicy, herbal, sweet, blueberry
FLAVORS Blue cheese, cheese, blueberry, sweet, savory
Dry eyes – 6
Anxious – 2
Dizzy – 2
Paranoid – 1
MEDICAL Stress – 10
Pain – 8
Depression – 7
Insomnia – 7
Lack of appetite – 5


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