BB (Indica) – Backpack boyz Weed 3.5G


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   41%
Quantity    3.5G


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Backpack boyz BB Premium Marijuana 3.5G

BB Backpack Boyz, is a CBD enriched marijuana strain made by crossing Super Sour CBD and Blackberry Kush. This strain packs a sour gas and blackberry pie terpene profile. BBS provides calming effects that ease the mind and body.

Orange Apricot is a hybrid strain that will have tokers the world over rejoicing. This delicious, indica-dominant beauty is the offspring of renowned strains OJ Kush and Apricot Helix. Need we say more? If you need more convincing, this Orange Apricot strain review is sure to win you over.

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Also, Apple Gelato (Hybrid) – Backpack boyz Weed 3.5G. The Orange Apricot weed strain is a balanced hybrid with an almost 50/50 indica/sativa split. Although,it’s considered indica-leaning; the plant displays its indica roots with pride.

Modest in height maxing out at 60 inches tall, Orange Apricot has medium-sized, thick, and compact sagittate buds. Delicate, burnt orange pistils and crystalline trichomes blanket these forest green nugs.

It’s no wonder this sticky goddess delivers THC levels reaching a staggering 24%. Even at her lowest, she packs a mighty punch with a THC level of no less than 16%. Orange Apricot’s presiding terpene is myrcene followed by terpinolene and pinene. Not only do these terpenes enhance the flavor, they’re loaded with benefits, too.

BB Backpack boyz Weed Effects

ORIGIN OJ Kush and Apricot Helix
EFFECTS Euphoric
FRAGRANCE Fruity, citrus, orange, apricot, crisp earth
FLAVORS Tangy, sweet, fruity, sour citrus, earthy, spicy apricot
Concentration loss
Dry mouth


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