Animal Tsunami (SATIVA) – Jungle Boys Smalls (10grams)


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Animal Tsunami Jungle Boys Smalls weed(10 Grams)

Animal Tsunami Jungle Boys Smalls, is said to have a CBD levels that is remarkably higher than the average amount found in most cannabis varieties. They are very rare and not to mention, very challenging to breed.

This strain is known and unlike most strains, its name is in reference to the strain’s powerful symptom relief instead of the intensity of its physical or cerebral high. It was developed by Lawrence Ringo of the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective. His motivation for breeding the strain was his own medical condition. He was suffering from severe back pain and did not want to take his regular medication, so he bred a strain with impressive CBD levels to serve as a pain-reliever alternative.

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Its flavors also reflect that of its parent strains’. Users can expect it to taste like diesel with traces of pine and woody flavors complemented with sweet and citrus undertones. Also, Cold Snap Jungle Boys Smalls 10 grams .

Looking the individual characteristics of its parent strains, one can expect this weed plant to have the same musky and diesel aroma with sour and citrus undertones that are more evident upon exhale.

Jungle Boys Small Animal Tsunami cannabis strain Effects

The THC level in this does not exceed 10% which is pretty low considering the 15% average found in most cannabis strains. As a result, users are less likely to feel a head buzz despite the fact that the strain is Sativa-dominant. Instead, users are more likely to feel relaxed as its strong analgesic effect kicks in.

EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Happy – 8
Focused – 5
Uplifted – 5
Euphoric – 4
Dry eyes – 5
Anxious – 4
Headache – 4
Paranoid – 1
FRAGRANCE Sour, citrus, woody, earthy, diesel
FLAVORS Sweet, citrus, pine, woody, diesel
MEDICAL Pain – 10
Depression – 8
Stress – 8
Headaches – 6
Muscle spasms – 4


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