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Zunday Brunch Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Zunday Brunch Teds Budz, is not only sweet to taste, it is saccharine. In spite of its Indica-leaning structure, a puff of its honeyed smoke is enough to send one on an enjoyable psychedelic trip that is more enticing than overwhelming. Moreover, it has a buildable high that makes it a great beginner’s strain.

Although it is well-known for its recreational effects, Super Sweet was actually designed with medical cannabis patients in mind. Developed by Masterpiece Medical Group, this hybrid offers relief from a range of physical and mental ailments. Despite its impressive therapeutic properties, the strain’s origins remain shrouded in secrecy due to the breeder’s guarded lineage.

And though elusive, enthusiasts can still get a hold of Super Sweet by visiting dispensaries around Flint, Michigan.

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In the palate, Super Sweet tastes like a delicious dollop of honey or a spoon of molasses. Blending with the sweetness is the notable flavor of earth and floral overtones. However, it leaves a lingering aftertaste of blueberries and citrus. Also try these strains, Jobstopper Teds Buds and White Cronuts Teds Budz.

This strain lives up to its name. Apart from being sweet, it has floral undertones enhanced by the honeyed candy. Broken apart or combusted, subtle notes of berry permeate in the air.The symptoms are most notable in the eyes and the mouth especially since cannabinoids inhibit the moisture production of both areas.

Teds Budz Zunday Brunch kush strain Effects

The strain is undeniably known for its medical properties, but even novice recreational users can find pleasure in its 14% THC content. On the other hand, seasoned individuals may opt for this strain to unwind and decompress on their days off.
Despite being primarily marketed for its therapeutic benefits, the strain has also found a place in the recreational sphere.


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