Sicario (Sativa) – Green Dragon Weed 3.5G


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Sicario (Sativa) Green Dragon Cannabis 3.5G

Sicario (Sativa) – Green Dragon weed, Sicario which translates to “hitman” will most definitely get the job done. It has a heavy mood enhancing, energetic, motivating, busy, and adventurous personality. As such, it is most suited for morning and late afternoon use, but not before bed..unless it is going to be a long night, that is. Also sweet and earthy taste.Your body will be just as pleased as the strain eases the muscles and dulls all pains.

If sleep disruptions, mood disorders, or chronic pain have left you feeling fatigued, Sicario will lift you out of your slump and rejuvenate your senses.When shared among friends, it’ll make everyone more social, talkative, and giggly. In a more intimate setting, it increases arousal. Even on your own, you’ll feel physical, mental, and emotional ease. As the energizing effects begin to wear off, it’s a slow, comfortable fade out over a hard, draining crash. You’ll feel tranquil and unburdened, and it’s at this point you may decide you’re ready to sleep.

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Also, Bando (Sativa) – Green Dragon Weed – 3.5. As with any potent strain, you should already know some side effects are coming – like dry eyes, dry mouth, thirst, and hunger.You can mitigate these reactions by keeping the body hydrated and fed. Eye drops also helpPracticing moderation – keeping doses small and pacing yourself – can help you lower the risk of experiencing more severe or uncomfortable reactions. It’s not uncommon for potent strains to cause anxiety when consumed in larger amounts, and Sicario is no exception.

If you’re already prone to anxiety, overindulging can make this worse, so take it easy when using Sicario for the first time. Another adverse reaction reported was insomnia. Given the heavily sativa-like effects of the strain, this one comes as no surprise.If you aren’t yet familiar with this weed, consume it earlier in the day and keep yourself busy. It gives you energy to burn and isn’t suited for late evening use.You’ll eventually become sleepy as the high fades, and your body becomes more relaxed, but it may take you hours to get there. With that in mind, over-consuming can lead to couch-lock on the comedown. If you find your body getting overly heavy, get yourself comfortable and call it a day.

Green Dragons Sicario (Sativa) strain Effects

The way the plant looks may surprise you. While you might expect a typically sativa appearance like its Lemon Tree parent, the plant follows in the footsteps of Gelato #41, presenting with a much more moderate height and thick, dense buds. Its trichomes are a splendid coating of glassy crystals penetrated by touches of purple tints. The grape-shaped buds are a refreshing minty green adorned with an array of deep orange pistils.

EFFECTS Euphoric
FRAGRANCE Sour citrus, exotic berry, fruit, lemon, vanilla
FLAVORS Dessert, fruit, spice, earth, citrus, berries
ADVERSE REACTIONS Dry eyes, dry mouth, thirst, hunger


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