Jealousy (HYBRID) – Berner Cookies Premium Grade Weed 3.5G


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Strain Type HYBRID
THC   56%
Quantity    3.5G
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Berner’s Cookies Jealousy Premium Marijuana 3.5G

Jealousy Cookies weed is a meticulously crafted hybrid strain resulting from a harmonious union between Gelato 41 and Sherbet strains, boasts an equal mix of sativa and indica (50/50). It is the quintessential well-rounded hybrid, delivering robust and long-lasting effects that will leave you feeling completely relaxed for extended periods.

The moment you partake in this substance, a joyful sensation permeates your mind with an invigorating sense of elation and a hint of innovation. Moreover, a surge of energy propels you towards accomplishing any given objective. In addition, a soothing physical buzz complements the cerebral uplift, allowing you to unwind without inducing lethargy. Also, Lemonnade – Lemonchello Berner Cookies and Dragons Dream Cake Disposable Bars.

Jealousy Cookies strain Effects

Jealousy is an excellent option for individuals who suffer from various conditions such as depression, chronic stress, mood swings, chronic fatigue, nausea, or appetite loss due to its potent effects and high THC level averaging at 28-30%. With a delectable fruity candy flavor that is creamy and sweet, and a sour citrusy aftertaste that becomes more intense upon exhale, this strain is an excellent choice for those seeking relief.

The fragrance bears a striking resemblance, with a tangy and citrusy undertone, complemented by the scent of freshly picked fruit, vanilla and sour candy. The Jealousy buds are distinguished by their small, spade-shaped olive green nuggets with undertones of purple, thin orange strands, and a fine coating of tiny, purple-tinged white crystal trichomes.


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