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Biskanté Alien Labs Cannabis 3.5G

Biskanté Alien Labs, is a sativa dominant hybrid is hard to come by in both seeds and bud form, despite having two breeders behind it. Fair enough, one of those breeders is Cookies, who are notorious for their withholding ways. The other breeder of the Blanco weed strain is Claybourne Co, but you want the Cookies version if you’re after those sure-fire sativa effects.

Finding a tasty and effective strain is no longer challenging,  especially since abundant options are available. Unless the one you’re hunting is this strain. This potent strain can pack a 16%-20% THC punch that may even leave some veteran smokers rattled, so newbies best beware.

This strain can thrive indoors and outdoors with no particular preference as long as you provide a comfortable environment that suits its needs.

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The initial flavor of the Biskanté weed strain is its Myrcene/Limonene driven combo of spicey herb meets tropical citrus. Its earthy flavor mixed with sweet fruit finishes with a diesel-fueled exhale, making Blanco as delectable as it is dangerous, inviting you in for possibly more than your THC tolerance can handle. Also, Lemon Fuel OG Alien Labs Cannabis 3.5G and Alien Labs Cannabis Jar.

Right off the bat, this weed strain aims for the nose with intense notes of earthy aromas, distinct fruity citrus, and hints of diesel, leaving a pungent cloud in the air. Its fragrant scent is much due to the Caryophyllene, lending to the spiciness, and Myrcene giving it that rich earthy flavor.

Alien Labs Biskanté strain Effects

After a few hours (and more hits), you’ll likely feel the indica side start taking effect. First, waves of relaxation flow throughout your body, and soon after, your eyes become heavy, lulling you into calm and sedation. In short, it’s a great choice if you battle insomnia.

EFFECTS Euphoria, arousal, focus, creativeness
FLAVORS Spicey herb, tropical citrus, diesel
ADVERSE REACTIONS Dry mouth and thirst, red eyes, headaches
MEDICAL Fatigue, arthritis, inflammation,
pain, migraines, ADD/ ADHD, anxiety,
depression, stress, anorexia



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