Toothpaste (INDICA) – Berner Cookies Premium Grade Weed 3.5G


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Strain Type HYBRID
THC   71%
Quantity    3.5G
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Berner’s Cookies Toothpaste Weed 3.5G

Toothpaste Cookies weed, a renowned strain is celebrated for its inviting and comforting essence. Boasting an indica-dominant blend, it derives from three unadulterated landrace strains, specifically Afghani, Nepalese and Hawaiian. This produces an aromatic and floral hybrid that is renowned for its satisfying and enduring inhalation.

Having won first place in the indica category at the prestigious 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup, Toothpaste is a strain with an impressive list of accolades. Initially bred by Cookies, it has gained widespread recognition as a highly effective sedative, making it a preferred choice among both medicinal and recreational users. Its reputation as a go-to strain for inducing a sense of wellbeing makes Toothpaste an ideal option for anyone seeking a relaxing smoke. Also, Minntz – Jealousy Berner Cookies and Runtz  Jeeter Juice.


Toothpaste Cookies strain Effects

If you seek a delightful euphoric high, this strain is an excellent choice. Its cerebral effects are akin to a refreshing brain massage that is both energizing and unique. Toothpaste can also be effective in alleviating mild anxiety, particularly after a stressful day, making it a highly recommended strain for nighttime use.

This particular strain will leave you feeling uplifted and in high spirits for the duration of your high. It has also been noted to be particularly useful for those looking to end their day on a positive note, as higher doses will allow for a gentle descent into a restful slumber.


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