Peee Yewww! (INDICA) – Berner Cookies Premium Grade Weed 3.5G


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Strain Type HYBRID
THC   73%
Quantity    3.5G
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Berner’s Cookies Peee Yewww! Weed 3.5G

Peee Yewww! Cookies weed is the product of the infamous Peyote Purple and Cookies Kush strains, and it definitely lives up to its parents’ reputation. With an indica-dominant ratio of 70:30, Peyote Purple is a potent backcross of Bubba Kush that delivers a mid-to-high THC level of up to 25%, inducing a cerebral high. Its unique flavor profile features fresh vanilla with a touch of citrus and herbs, while its aroma is a pungent mix of spicy coffee, vanilla, and dank.

Derived from the genetic pairing of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Rolex, an OG Kush phenotype, the Cookies Kush variant of the Peee Yewww! strain exhibits strong indica characteristics that bring about a sense of relaxation and calmness with ease. Its unique taste is a combination of woody mint and sweet fruit, leaving a refreshing fruity aftertaste. Cookies Kush contains a moderate level of THC and prefers warm weather climates. Also, Minntz – Jealousy  Berner Cookies and Forbidden Gelato  Jeeter Juice and

Peee Yewww! Cookies strain Review

When cultivating Peee Yewww! Cookies, it is important to note that the plant emits a potent aroma during its growth period. As the plants reach a height of approximately three feet, their sturdy and leafy nature may necessitate the use of supports to prevent breakage. The buds are tightly packed and colored in a range of olive green shades, accentuated by a glistening assortment of crystal trichomes exhibiting tones of red and purple, with the occasional hint of blue, according to some cultivators.

This particular strain is often commended by consumers for its ability to alleviate bodily discomfort, ease feelings of anxiety and stress, and improve overall mood. Many report that Peee Yewww! is ideal for unwinding during late afternoons and transitioning into nighttime. Feedback on the Peyote Cookies strain suggests that higher quantities may induce drowsiness, while lower amounts can stimulate focus and drive.


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