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Teds budz, Smoke good be well. As one of the pioneering members of the exotic weed market. Ted’s Budz has established itself as a family-owned and black-owned business that distributes only the highest quality of small-batch flower.
Their strains have earned them attention in Northern California and Los Angeles over the past few years.
In order to provide their clients with the best service possible, They ensure to only use the most legitimate genetics from trusted grassroots cultivators.

Tedz Buds Brand Cannabis Strains Effects

It’s the care and attention they have for their customers, rather than money. That sets them apart from other cannabis distributors in California.
At Teds Bud top shelf exotics, they are committed to truly listening to their clients’ needs. To name a few strains; Duck sauce, 41 Unicornz, Animal Fries, Bali Gumdrop.
Blimpy, Brooklyn Peanut Butter Cheesecake, Teds Catfish, Cherry Popperz, Dahlia, Dino Duck, Dragon Trash, Ghost of Dede.

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